Lease With Us

Many landowners have never leased the recreational rights to their land. We still find landowners giving away their hunting rights to strangers who knocked on their doors, friends, relatives, or neighbors. From our perspective, land-owners who want maximum return from their land should consider the value of hunting before giving the rights away. Rarely do lease rates start at the top but with time they can grow to a
sizable source of income. Income is the most talked about benefit from leasing out hunting rights, but it is not the only reason to lease. Trespassing can be significantly decreased, you are covered by additional insurance that will protect you from unforeseen law suits, and you enjoy comfort knowing that another responsible person is looking after your land when you cannot. Wild game is a cash crop that can put cash in your hand. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you are taking advantage of what is out there.

Advantages of leasing to us

  • We guarantee quality hunters
  • Full Liability Insurance to protect you
  • Strict Rules for our members
  • We post and patrol your land
  • Lease range from 10 days to 10 years, YOU DECIDE!
  • We DO NOT over hunt, our harvest reports prove it!

Leasing Options

Leases may be for as short or as long as you, the landowner, would like. Every farm is different and therefore, every lease is different. C & L will be glad to tailor a lease that fits you perfectly. If you want to do an exclusive lease with us for just the spring turkey season or for 10 years for all seasons, we can do it. If you just want to lease the duck and goose hunting to us, we can work that out too. Although our preference is for the exclusive hunting rights of your property for all seasons, we are easy to get along with and can usually make anything work. It’s your land, YOU are in control. You name it and we can do it!

If you are ready to take the next step forward in leasing your land to us please call or email us for a no obligation evaluation and offer.