About C&L

Missouri Whitetail DeerC & L Outdoor Adventures is a unique hunting club, unlike any other you have ever seen. We lease land from private land owners and our members pay us annual dues to gain access to all of the land we lease. This is different from other clubs or lease brokers because instead of leasing one single property for one single person, we lease multiple properties and our members can hunt, fish, or camp on them on a reservation basis – ALL YEAR LONG!

C & L strives to lease the very best hunting ground for their members and their guests. Not only do we lease tremendous hunting land year after year, we will dispose of any land that is not producing huntable game at our high standards! We evaluate and lease only the best hunting land that the area has to offer. We keep an average of 100 acres per active hunting member in case every member of our club decides to be out hunting on the same day.

Are you starting to see the difference between us and an outfitter or a lease broker? With an outfitter you pay an extraordinary amount of money for someone to tell you where to sit and for how long. They do all of the scouting and hand holding, all you’re responsible for is pulling the trigger. After your hunt is over, you no longer have permission to step foot on the property. You pay all of this money for one weekend of sitting on a specified farm, for a specified amount of time, in a specified tree stand. With C & L you have access to different properties all year long, and you have the opportunity to do the hunting on your own! Why go hunting if you’re not willing to do any of the work to track and harvest your game? You pay dues only once a year to gain access to unlimited hunting, fishing, and camping opportunities! We do not restrict when you hunt or where you hunt, and we will never force you to hunt with anyone you didn’t personally invite.